Sunday, August 19, 2007

Will Tendulkar be Missed ??

Tendulkar has made a stupid mistake by withdrawing from 20/20 WC.

This format is tailromade for a versatile player like him. He has the attacking game which we very sorely miss these days and it would have been a great oppurtutinity for him to showcase the world a glimpse of what he did to aussies in sharjah before saying adieu to cricket.

Plus he could always sneak in 3-4 overs with his dibbly dobbly mish mash bowling. (Seriously I think he can bowl much better in slog overs than some of our highly overrated fast bowlers Zak, RPS, Agarkar)


Akshat said...

Dude its always tempting to have someone as great as 10dulkar to come and remind us of his hay days. Just one word of caution............ should we be pennywise and pound-foolish.
Claimer--almost all international players have been complaining about xs cricket.

Ashish Virmani said...


My point is essentially that when i c tendulkar batting these days, he looks very jaded and loaded with some burden.

On the other hand Playing in 20/20 format, would have meant that he would played freely without any burden. (thats what that format is all about). U cant be blamed for getting out while trying to hit the bowler out of the park.

And in the process he might just have rediscovered the old vintage tendulkar who used to smash the bowlers at will once.