Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thriller - The Video

Remaking a very popular music video is not a very standard practice that I know of. But when you watch this music video starring the gyrating Chiranjeevi with some of the most seasoned extras movie industry has seen and an actress who scares you as she gets scared, you start thinking that well what is it that we can't do masterfully in India.

The video is a frightefying adaptation of the Michal Jackson video 'Thriller'. Now after watching this video I wonder why aren't there any Chiru dance classes like Shiamak Dawar's, admissions for which should ideally be tougher and rarer than the getting admissions in the public schools of Delhi. And why the hell aren't any Bollywood Remixes made by any of the Suketus and the Aqeels based on the foot tapping 'Goli Maar' soundtrack of this video. And why the hell do we turn up to Hollywood for make-up assistance in horror movies. Well I dont blame anybody, coz who knew rubbing cow dung on one's face can make someone look so scary.

P.S. I am telling everyone the video was made in a village called 'Tollyzania' in Africa. Pls spread the news so that nobody thinks it was made in India.

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manvika said...

ya u r right he has definitely done wrong:(((