Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stuck on the Airport

Very recently my employer gave me a very unwelcome present in the form of a Reliance G-Tran Data Card through which I could be connected to the web anytime anywhere. Felt like an unwanted burden, one I could do very well without because connected all the time also means unwanted work could come knocking on your door at the worst time possible. It fell like a 'wellwisher' gifted you a package of IMS material for MBA preparation when you are not even half done with Career Launcher. :)

Anyways it is only now that I have really felt the utility of this amazing gadget. Guess what, Stuck on the airport, with two long hours at hand. Of course an ideal batting pitch for blogging. I guess all the prolific bloggers across the globe must be utilising this time to blog more and more. If they are not, this gadget is for them.

Also observed that the airport announcements (in three languages including the vernacular one) make it so hard for you to concentrate. Maybe the authorities should start thinking about a blogger's zone in the airport with none of those disturbances.


Akshat said...

Being connected also means constant updation of stock market, scraping and much other such extravagance.
But all these seem too petite when, u face something as exciting as meeting up with oll “school friends” for a Movie, Drinks and Dinner on a Friday evening. And u live up to the most dreadful nightmare of receiving a call from ur boss. Reminding u of some data analysis. Which though u had to present on Monday afternoon, had with wishful thinking postponed till Monday morning.
Cost of that u pay by staying up all night working at ur friend’s apartment whereas ur same oll friends catch up on each others life and have a blast.
Dude then those couple of hours fruitfully utilized at an airport seems too trivial?????

Ashish Virmani said...

@ akshat - even now i m in upctry and wld not hav been able to reply to this comment without this tiny friend of mine...remember the time when there were no excel sheets and everything had to be done on paper...i m sure when the first excel sheets wld have come on the computer ppl wld hav cribbed, tht now they will have to make reports which they nvr used to have to make...and now can we think of life without excel sheets...i m sure 10 yrs from now we might be discussing u know once ppl used to go to cybercafes...:)